You don’t need to buy me expensive things or take me out to dinner every night or even every weekend. I don’t need the world or want the world. I want the little things. If you push my hair out of face or rub my back. Or if you randomly kiss my cheek. Or text me randomly saying you miss me. Or if you make a tweet about me or post a picture of us. Then that’s all I care about. I want the little things. I care way more about that, than anything else.

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Being cisgender doesn’t mean they’re straight.

Being transgender doesn’t mean they’re gay.

Being gender fluid doesn’t mean they’re pansexual.

Being agender doesn’t mean they’re asexual.

Stop confusing gender identity with sexual orientation.

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This country is such a fucking joke. Did you know that if we were to divide the income in this country fairly it would be about 300,000 per person. That’s annually. You could give each person in this country 100,000 and still have enough to invest in infrastructure and research. Instead we have people who don’t have water, don’t have their basic human rights fulfilled, because they don’t have enough to pay a bill. 

Capitalism is inhumane.

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"How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head."

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"There’s not many who catch my attention, and the one who does will never need the attention from another."


saying “that’s how things are” is incredibly useless when talking about social issues because yes, we are aware that that’s how things are, and we don’t like it, that’s the whole point

congratulations on providing no useful input to the conversation

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"How ironic, the one who always leaves has abandonment issues."

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